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Duneane Primary School

Global Learning Day

26th Nov 2017

Rosie visited our school today to carry out a Global Learning Workshop alongside the pupils from Duneane. The idea of the workshop was to raise awareness of how unfair life on our planet is and how we are the lucky ones! The children looked at how resources are shared throughout the world and how the wealth of the world is distributed. They found out that the world's wealth is owned by a tiny percentage of people.

The Duneane and Moneynick pupils boarded a plane and found out that most of them were Third Class passengers with a few in Second Class and just two in First Class. Our First Class passengers were offered the best of everything including champagne, but the Third Class passengers got nothing! This was a valuable lesson which helped to represent the distribution of global wealth. The children discussed the importance of sharing and realised that they are so well provided for here, with Education, Healthcare, Food etc.

The children will remember their Global Learning Workshop and will appreciate the needs of others more and become Global citizens prepared to play their part and make a difference in our world